The automatic bagging 
With two automatic bagging lines, Conegan proposes an efficient solution for the tubular bags for all types of products like scallops, fillets, fish portions or whole fish.
A multi-head weighing machine allows the mix of many products (seafood cocktails) in the respect of our customers recipes.
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Packing in preformed bag 
For your adjusted bags and for any specific request, our team will find the best solutions on operations.
… with THE option that makes the difference and adds value to the product
Tubular bags printed in the colour of your company or in your distributor’s colour ; 

Clear bags with ink jet printing of the legal mentions; 

Transparent bags with double header ; 

Easy opening tubular bags, (zip pre-applied) ; 

Doypack bags with various formats : easy opening, ergonomic handle...
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Under vacuum packing 
Vacuum packaging is the ideal solution to pack individual ready-to-eat portions. This type of packaging can reduce the risk of damage while handling the product from the production time up to the consumer’s freezer.
individual vacuum for all products
With several possible options : 
Ready-to-cook vacuum film (boiling water or microwave) ; 

Individual labelling (upper or under) ; 

With double header ; 

Multi chain pack with pre-cut film ; 

Inserting in boxes or combination with any other repacking of the individual sale units.
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The skin-pack 
As the packaging can make the difference on the market, our company can help your to develop an attractive presentation of your products with the skin-packing.
On a tray, in flexible film with a box… the product will be protected and enhanced.
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Thermoformed trays 
The thermoformed tray line is an automatic multi sizes line.
Most used dimensions : 


With several possible customizations

140 x 135 mm ; 
200 x 140 mm ; 
210 x 200 mm.
Label with your brand ; 

Black & white label or ink jet printing ; 

Pre-printed upper film ; 

With transparent, black or coloured bottom film.
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Under Shrink film packing 
This kind of packaging stretches the plastic film on the shapes of the product.
Packing under shrink film is an efficient and relevant solution. This allows to point out the packaged product and to protect this integrity. 
Under film packing of portions or whole products is generally combined with :



Weight / price label ; 

A promotional offer with a special label ; 

The operation of co-packing.
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The automatic cartoner 
After a primary packaging (bags, under vacuum, under shrink film) of the raw material, the products can be packed into boxes.
Our possibilities :


Automatic inserting cases with lateral side opening, with one or two flaps to glue ;
Manuel process of packing in boxes with a special closing, with or without window.
Our possibilities :
Integration of multiple criteria (hot foil, recycled carton) for the creation of new packaging ; 

Ink jet printing on the boxes ;  

Sales unit labelling.
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